November 21, 2016


Using Instagram for your business can be powerful! Sometimes, posting and trying to organically grow your audience can be tough. Here’s a brief description of 6 tools which can help you post and manage your photos as well as boost engagement and followers.


Crowdfire makes it easy to manage your followers and unfollowers (use it on Twitter, too!). I am trying this out now and am loving it! It notifies me at the same time each day and instructs me to:


  1. Follow 25 of my fans (people who are interacting on my page)

  2. Unfollow 25 people who do not follow me (this keeps my followers and people who I follow at a reasonably even ratio)

  3. Like 25 of my followers/ fans photos (engagement is key on Instagram!)


  1. Non-followers – People who don’t follow you back

  2. Fans – Followers who you don’t follow back

  3. Publish – Schedule posts for your networks. Instagram doesn’t allow third party posting (for the most part – see Hootsuite*), so you are only able to set a time to remind you.

  4. Recent Unfollowers – Accounts who have recently unfollowed you. There’s also an option to immediately unfollow your unfollowers!

  5. Recent Followers - Accounts who have recently followed you

Crowdfire also allows you to “white list” accounts. Meaning, select accounts you do not want to unfollow and Crowdfire will not ask you to unfollow in the future. Black listing is an option as well, meaning the opposite. They will never ask you to follow accounts you do not want to follow.




Hootsuite has been recognized as one of the top Social Media Management Tools. It is much more than just a scheduling tool and honestly it deserves a whole blog post to itself. You can track basic analytics, lead capture campaigns, manage insights and much, much more.



  1. Engage – Manage over 35 platforms, engage and respond from one dashboard, identify leads and influencers

  2. Campaigns – Launch customizable campaigns and contests and integrate it with your website

  3. Analytics – Get a complete overview of your key metrics and improve ROI

  4. Insights – Track mentions, location, age, gender



I am obsessed with Canva, plain and simple. Yes, I use Photoshop and Illustrator but sometimes it is just way too easy to use this platform. All you do is choose your social media dimensions, the layout and input your font/ images.



  1. Color Wheel – Use specific color codes for your font, background, or shapes to match your branding

  2. Your Designs – Save all your designs and reuse them for your future

  3. Elements – Add shapes, charts, icons, and frames to your images



An Instagram bot that likes photos for you. I would never suggest using an Instagram bot for your clients! PLEASE DON’T! Yes, they claim to be “organic followers” and you have the option to filter out explicit content but in my experience, it was a bit spammy and I still noticed likes being made on inappropriate photos. However, it did boost my following and there are some nice features. I also want to note I did not pay for this site, I instead tried the trial version.



  1. Super Targeting – Add your competitors for the bot to interact with their following

  2. Location – Add a location to target

  3. Tags – Add hashtags for the bot to target specifically

** There’s several apps and sites similar to Archie.co. I would love to know which ones you’ve tried and if any are worth using in the long run. I never allow any of these apps to comment for me as I don’t want my brand skewed by what bots may say. Do you allow them to comment on your behalf? **




Want to find out who your MVF (Most Valuable Follower) is? Look no further! You can organize followers by “Most Valuable” (an algorithmic approximation of social influence); “Most Engaged” (who has interacted with you the most in recent history); “Most Followed” (what it sounds like); and “Best Follower” (a composite of your Most Engaged and Most Valuable followers). You can also filter keywords, hashtags, even emojis! Finding out about your audience will only make your feed stronger, helping you to post engaging content.



  1. Save & Export - Create custom lists, export the data to CSV/PDF, and run campaigns

  2. Sort – Sort by Most Valuable (your most influential followers), Most Engaged (determined by frequency of engagement — Retweets, Mentions, and Replies on Twitter and Likes, Comments and Tags on Instagram), Best Followers (a combination of Most Valuable and Most Engaged), Most Followed, Alphabetized and Chronological (Newest and Oldest)

  3.  Filter – Filter your followers by bio keyword, word/hashtag search and geographic location to verified, # of followers, activity, and more

Campaigns - DM Campaigns give you the ability to DM a group of people, individually, at the same time


An app allowing you to plan, preview, and edit your photos before you post to Instagram. Let’s be honest, we’ve all posted a photo, realized it didn’t fit with the other and immediately deleted it, hoping no one saw it…am I right?! This avoids the awkward moment altogether. I use this app to make sure I am sticking with my brand colors and alternating text with photos. There’s a ton of apps out there similar to this but this is free so woot woot!!



  1. Drag & Drop – Drag your potential photos around your grid to see where it should be placed

  2. Grid View – Preview your full Instagram page with photos that have been posted and your potential photos

  3. Edit – Use Adobe Creative Image Editor in your app to add filters, crop, add text, etc.


Do you use any of the Instagram tools mentioned above or do you have favorites I didn’t mention? What features could you not live (or post ;)) without? Leave your comments below!


Until next time!

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